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Dining at Bolay Pines

Dining at Bolay Pines

Bolay Pembroke Pines grand opening will be on Saturday, May 6.

We were invited to a pre-opening of the restaurant’s new location this week, so we went and checked it out!

How It Works

To give you an idea of how Bolay works, the closest comparison, and not in terms of the food but rather the style of restaurant would be along the lines of a Chipotle or Blaze Pizza. This is an open kitchen spot where you walk to the counter, see all the food choices, and pick what you want to put in your bowl. If you are feeling indecisive that day, or just simply want to try a chef’s choice, there are some bowls that are pre-designed for you.


So to the most important part: the food. When you make your bowl, you pick either one or two (depending on the bowl size) bases, one or two veggies (again, depending on if you get a small or large, one or two proteins (you know where I’m going with this,) and one topping. After you picked out all of the above, you can sauce it up. Because I really am a foodie at heart (and soul, who are we kidding) I tried just about every one before I decided what I wanted in my bowl, and lucky for you, when you go, you can too!

So, the bases: You can pick from four chilled bases: cilantro noodles, marinated kale currant salad, baby spinach and Peruvian quinoa. For the warm base you can pick from forbidden black rice, Moroccan basmati rice, or a seasonal base. The forbidden black rice* is delicious and a must try.

On to the veggie selection: Top off your base with you’re choice of orange ginger broccoli (HINT: TRY THIS), balsamic mushrooms, smoky cauliflower and season veggies, which right now happens to be these bomb Cajun sweet potatoes.


Here is what is awesome about the protein: there are options. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or want gluten free, the versatility of options is one for all. So, the protein: lemon chicken, bbq chicken, pork tenderloin, miso glazed tofu, spicy thai shrimp, steak aujus and ahi tuna.

You can top your bowl with minted tomatoes, goat cheese (YESSSSS), parmesan cheese and an Asian herb mix. And if you’re like me and you’re all about the sauce, they got sauce.

We really enjoyed our time at Bolay. I personally enjoyed it because I like having options and variety. What’s best is that the options are fresh and could be healthy. They get a thumbs up from us! 

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